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10-Jun-2017 18:02

I started swiping left automatically on anyone with an empty bio. “Looks like you’re out of people….” the app tells me. Apparently, everyone I swiped right on will be presented with profile the next time they log in, and if they also swipe right on me…they’ll be added to my match queue, where I can start a chat. I take the time to make sure my profile is completely filled out. Upon reading their bios, I realize that none of these women live in Philadelphia. I get into a groove, swiping left, right, right, left. But it turns out that waiting is boring, so I start working, forget about the app for two days, then log back in. We just need more women (and more women over 40, haha) using Bumble BFF to find friends. And Bumble BFF feels a lot more proactive than my original attempt to find friends in Philly: staring longingly from across the playground at women laughing together.

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But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? “If social networks have given you the stage on which to perform your life, the new Skype gives you the additional equivalent of the local coffeehouse or corner pub, where you meet people on a daily basis to deepen your relationships,” explains Amritansh Raghav, Corporate Vice President of Skype, about the new design’s focus on enhancing users’ real social connections.“We call that set of interactions your personal network,” he says. And because we really do read all comments, Gwen and I recognized her right away. But here’s what I learned through this whole crazy process.

Bumble Boost allows me to re-match with people I’ve missed (like the two connections that expired), and, best of all, it shows me a short list of people who have already swiped right on my profile. I can then swipe right on these people, be matched immediately, and start chatting. With the event looming in a matter of days, I reach out to my readers. I know it’s somewhat of a tough sell (download this app, try to find me, swipe right once you do….) but Elizabeth, a Philly local, actually does. And meeting Beth in person was easily my favorite part of the whole event.

Otherwise, swipe left.” This turns out to be good advice. We also roped in readers Elizabeth and Shannon (who sadly, couldn’t come to the event), but it was interesting to see, ultimately, how easy it was to find each other. And how I would’ve killed for a girl’s night in those early days.

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