Safaree samuels dating nicki minaj

02-Oct-2017 10:35

Rumors have circulated like wild fire to try to explain why the two called it quits. Safaree also dished on how he felt about Nicki being so flirtatious with other men (mainly Lil Wayne & Drake), the real reason they broke up, rumors about Nicki dating Meek Mill, how he feels about Nicki BASHING him in the media, if he was really suicidal after their break up and much more. Below are the highlights: On how Nicki & SB met met: Nicki and SB were in a rap group together called Hood Starz. I’m the one who packed my stuff and I left.” On why he broke up with Nicki: “It just got to the point where the respect was gone. It got to the point where I was being treated like an employee instead of her man,” he said. On the rumor that Nicki is now dating Meek Mill: He said he introduced her to Meek Mill and if that who she decides to move on with then “it is what it is”.The group didn’t work out so she tried her solo thing and they moved to Atlanta. On why they kept their relationship a secret: He said he really doesn’t understand why she wanted to keep it a secret. On Nicki kissing Lil Wayne on the lips, giving Drake lap dances & the lyric that Wayne said about her man not hitting it right on “Only”: “As far as the ‘Only’ song, that’s something that people on the outside took more disrespect than I did because I’ve been dealing with it for so long it seemed like the norm to me. He said he’s not mad or bitter because if he wanted to make it work he would have tried to make it work.Even now, not being in a relationship, it’s like learning how to walk and crawl again.” On rumors that Nicki caught him cheating: He said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.He said there’s no truth to him cheating with the girl the media said he was cheating on Nicki with.They were friends for like a year and half then they started dating. He said you can’t put a price on your peace of mind.On trashing Nicki in the media: Safaree said he would never do anything publicly to bring her down. He said he could bash her if he wanted to, but he’s not going to do that. On his relationship with Meek: “He don’t owe me nothing. On rumors that Meek was telling Nicki that Safaree was cheating on her: “Listen, me and her were together for me and her. No one else had anything to do with me and her and where we are now. If it wasn’t for [Lil] Wayne, none of us would be here right now”., Safaree says he couldn't care less about either hip-hop artist or anyone else that could be connected to Friday's ambush that targeted Mr. Talking to paparazzi members outside of Catch on Tuesday night and was bombarded with questions about his past and potentially current drama with both Mill and Minaj, but he totally gave them the silent treatment.

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It’s just the whole thing trying to pull me down publicly; I just can’t deal with that. I had top magazines offering me covers for exclusive interviews, top talkshows asking me to do interviews. He said “I think everybody’s felt like that before. Like before, it was hard for me to be in the car and she comes on the radio or if I’m looking on Instagram and I see memes and stuff like that, it use to get to me.But now I’m to the point where it’s like, tunnel vision. On if he would date another celebrity: “Yea, it doesn’t matter if a girl is a celebrity or not.

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