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Please enclose a Royal Mail stamp for a large envelope and an address label for yourself. The access officer may also be contacted by email using the details on the committee site.

The cave may therefore be conveniently divided into six "areas" - the main routes through these areas are highlighted: Following the small entrance passage, a climb down in the floor is reached after a few metres. The stream is followed through a flat-out crawl, and down a tight, wet, hole in the floor where a further drop lands at the head of an 8 m deep scaffolded shaft. From the chamber, two passages lead off: The rift is a traverse, Darling Rifts, with several oxbows and side passages leading off.A log book (for logging trips and for recording damage to the cave or information of scientific interest) is placed at Cairn Junction, at the end of the Entrance Series.Please do use the log book and sign-in; remember, your life or that of a friend could depend on it!The following list of fixed aids are maintained by the Pwll Du Cave Management Group: All visitors to Ogof Draenen are requested to respect the marker tapes which have been laid in many parts of the cave, as these are there to help protect the formations and occasionally the floor, in order to preserve the cave environment.

However, due to the rate of exploration in the cave, it is not always possible to keep up with the taping and some calcite and gypsum formations, mud formations and guano deposits are currently unprotected.

Visitors in unfamiliar territory or new extensions should be alert to this fact and exercise an appropriate level of care. It is a criminal offence to interfere with bats (note that this would include photographing them without a license, or remaining in a roosting area long enough to change the temperature significantly), so please avoid them wherever possible.