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Nor can I see it as some sort of twisted forboding reference to the anti-punk-rock of Wilson-Phillips. Needless to say, this is not the version of "California Dreamin'" with which most people are familiar. I wondered how a band that repeatedly insults surfers, their lifestyle and their music (Surfin' Cow, Beach Song, Beach Party Vietnam, Bleach Boys) can be held on high by them. And, what with the bass being a really key component of their sound, the songs suffer.

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he Dead Milkmen got a bad rap for most of their career because of their often silly and trying-too-hard-to-be-funny lyrics, but their music is unbelievably catchy and when they were funny, they were EXTREMELY funny.Jokes about death, AIDS, retards, drugs, sex, rednecks, and Charles Nelson Reilly are splayed all over the nineteen songs contained within (only five of them are over two minutes long), and the music is, quite frankly, "the stupid man's Wire." Very reminiscent of Pink Flag in both tone and execution, but not for stylistic reasons; they just don't really know much about their instruments so, rather than attempting to get all fancy with notes and look like fools, they stick to what they know - simple bass lines and bar chords (both major and minor! The guitarist can write 'em catchy, too - I didn't mean to slouch him. There are all sorts of catchy ones here, from the punky ("Tiny Town," "Nutrition," "Junkie") to the poppy ("Big Lizard," "Filet Of Sole," "Dean's Dream") to the pseudo-funky ("Right Wing Pigeons," "Lucky," "Swordfish"). Basically, this is just an exceptionally enjoyable record. They got better musically over the years, but there was no way that they could ever hope to recapture the raw youthful wise-assed energy that drove them to create this batch of foolish, mindless two-chord wonders way back in the long, hot autumn of '85. Sometimes I find its better not to think too much about something that isnt intended to be serious in the first place.