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Using my skills as a seasoned mystery author, I started sifting through the details of her life, looking for clues that would help me understand her.But this real-life mystery only intensified as I tried to sort truth from fiction.PBS's was looking for family mysteries related to New Orleans. At the welcome home party in New Orleans, I met my new uncle, two aunts, and slews of cousins.We were every shade of skin from darkest ebony to whitest white and all the shades in between. Armed with confirmation of my racial heritage and wanting to understand that heritage, I traced the Frederic family back to 18th-century Louisiana.Every day she had to live with the paradox of what W. If a mixed-race person is white enough to pass, how does that person deal with the trappings of a racist culture where you're forced to choose a side?

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As did her birth certificate that I obtained from the state of Louisiana, which listed her race as “col” (coloured), and a 1940 Louisiana census record, which listed my mother, Alvera Frederic, as Neg/Negro, working in a tea shop in New Orleans.

A gifted storyteller, she related stories of New Orleans and the bigotry she witnessed.