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The WSJ alleges that Smith may or may not have been working with Michael Flynn but, in the end, they found absolutely nothing.To summarize even further, a guy tried to find Hillary's missing emails and failed... Of course, the goal of the story is to paint some sinister plot that involved Smith and Michael Flynn enlisting the help of some Russians to hack the 2016 election..'proving' the collusion angle. Finally, Smith apparently started his search for Hillary's emails over the Labor Day Weekend in 2016.And said, "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take, I say doctor, to relieve this Comey ache? v=je98Uffd N18 And a dingle berry hanging from the anus of the Brookings Institute to boot. He claims that other guy too, that "Columbia law professor" fellow, who, when not teaching "law" to de youtz of America... ...accepts (as yet non-produced for public scrutiny) purloined government documents ostensibly called "memos" from government officials (Comey) for the expressed purpose (as admitted to by Comey under oath) of leaking to the Alinsky press (again, as admitted to by Comey under oath and thereby making said "law professor" an accomplice, thus my LMMFAO!) in order to get ANOTHER buddy (Mueller) appointed as the Extra-Special Prosecutor of all things Podesta/DNC/Burnie emails which showed "non-democratic collusion" between Hillary and FIRED Debbie Wassername-Schultz!

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Is this part of an official investigation, and if so, by who on whom?

THEY WILL FIND THE TRUTH Over here in Europe, the Russian TV channels have programs called "Extrasensory" which is nothing more than a bunch of "voodoo" freaks who travel to towns and come up with answers to the death of family members.